R66 Turbine

Complete your R66 Conversion Course in as little at 3 days!

The R66 turbine, offering pilots the opportunity to take a flight experience or complete their conversion course.

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New R66 marine with with floats, air-conditioning, glass cockpit, auto-pilot and extender range fuel tanks.


If you are a helicopter pilot and would like to experience what it's like to fly an R66 turbine then this is your chance.

The flight experience includes:

This can be logged as Exercise 1 of the Type Rating should you then wish to continue the course.

Price: € 925.00


The course if dependant on your current ratings. Depending on whether you already hold a Turbine Rating and/or are currently rated on the R22 or R44. Please let us know your current licence, ratings and medical.

Course includes comprehensive ground school, both R66 Type and Turbine engines. There is an R66 ground exam to pass (multiple choice with a 75% pass mark). The course could be from as little as 3 hours training to the full 5 hours Type Rating

Flight training include R66 handling characteristics and emergency procedures.

All of the training are completed in house here in Mallorca.


  • Hold a valid EASA PPL (H) or higher
  • Hold a current Class Two medical or higher
  • Flight Training Syllabus

  • Pre-flight, Start up & Shut down Takeoff
  • Landing & Hover Manoeuvres
  • Confined Area Operations
  • Limited Power Techniques
  • Autorotation & Practice Forced Landings
  • Vortex Ring
  • Power Turbine Governor Failure & Throttle Control
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Ground Training Syllabus

  • Pilots Operating Handbook R66
  • EASA R66 OSD
  • Balearic Helicopters Training Notes
  • Technical Test Paper
  • Flight Test:

  • 1 hour oral examination
  • 1 hour flight test based on general handling and emergency procedures.
  • Course Time Frame:

  • The minimum time to complete the course 4 days with Balearic Helicopters in Mallorca.
  • What to bring:

    You will need to bring (Originals)

  • Passport
  • Licence
  • Medical
  • Logbook
  • Have a question? Get in touch