Balearic Helicopters believes in helping the local community and has several programmes to sponsor local people and charities on the island

Aina Bauza Roig

This intrepid local lady is planning on sailing the Mini Transat Race in 2023. A solo sailing of over 4000nm! Aina will be the first Mallorcan woman to do compete in the event.

Throughout 2022 she will be competing in several solo races around Mallorca, Spain and Europe from 200nm to over 1000nm to qualify for the Mini Transat.

See more about her incredible journey here: Aina Bauxa

JoyRon Foundation

Balearic Helicopters has been involved with the JoyRon Foundation since it was set up in 2015!

JoyRon has led the effort to bring a new sense of hope to the children in need within the Balearics. We raise funds, that are be applied to bring levels of joy, comfort and essential support to the children in need.

See more about the Joyron Foundation here: JoyRon Foundation

Daniel Restall

Dan is a local lad keen on dualathalon, trialthalon and Ironman events

Dan has already been on several podiums and is an upcoming athlete to watch. He competes all around Mallorca, and plans to go further afield in the future once travel restrictions allow.

Fundació Aeronàutica Mallorquina

The Fundacio Aeronautica Mallorquina is based in Son Bonet and was set up to promote aviation in Mallorca as well as preserve the history of aviation in Mallorca. It has a small museum, ever growing, in the old main terminal and is restoring the DC3 and AN2 gate guards at the entrance of the aerodrome.

See more about Fundació Aeronàutica Mallorquina here: FAM