Commercial Pilot's Licence

Train with Balearic Helicopters and become a commerical helicopter pilot in as little as 4 weeks.

Balearic Helicopters provides helicopter pilot training of the highest possible standard with a world-wide reputation as one of the premier helicopter training companies in Europe.

- 30 Hours flight training

- 5 Hours night flight training

- Complete course in Mallorca

- Complete course in only 4 weeks

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The CPL (H) course compromises both flying and intensive ground school to prepare you to become a commerical helicopter pilot. The minimum flying experience required to qualify for the CPL licence is 35 hours. This includes a minimum of 10 hours instruments and 5 hours night flying.

All ground, pre-flight and post-flight briefings are inclusive in the hourly training rate. The flight excercises involve comprehensive briefing by an instructor.

We pride ourselves on the standard of instruction here at Balearic Helicopters and have found that students find the one-to-one instruction more beneficial that the class structure. As far as possible, we endeavour to keep the same instructor with the same student for the majority of the course.

With Balearic Helicopters having 25 years industry experience and a reknowned reputation for the highest quality of training (many of Europe's top helicopter operators have pilots that trained or worked with Balearic Helicopters in the past!) we have the contacts that can put you on the right path for your career!


20 Hours Dual Flight Training - General Handling & Navigation

10 Hours Dual Flight Training - Instruments

4.5 Hours Dual Flight Training - Night Flying

0.5 Hours Solo Flight - Night Flying

TOTAL 35 Hours

The Helicopter

The Robinson R44 is the modern helicopter available for training and is ideal for the CPL (H). It is estimated that 85% of all new civilian helicopter pilots are trained on the Robinson 44. The R44 is, typically, the first aircraft that the majority of commerical pilots start their career on, and AOC operators always prefer high time R44 pilots over other helicopter types.

Balearic Helicopters also specialise in EASA Type Rating Training which will allow you to fly larger five place helicopters such as the Robinson R66.

The information provided here will hopefully answer some of the questions you might have, although undoubtedly not all.

Pre-entry Requirements

Good understanding of English

Holder of an ICAO PPL (H)

155 Hours Total Flight Time*

including 50 Hours PIC Helicopters

including 10 Hours Cross Country

* - credits available for different aircraft category licence holders

Additional qualifications also required are:

Passed all EASA CPL or ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Examinations.

Pass a EASA Medical (minimum Class 1 level).
We have a local Aero Medical Examiner here in Mallorca, who will be able to complete your Medical Examination.

Complete an English Language Proficiency Assessment.
This can be completed online before you arrive, or whilst you are here.

Balearic Helicopters

Balearic Helicopters operates under its own EASA ATO, issued by AESA Spain. ESP.ATO.320

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