Proficiency Checks

Each year you need to complete a Proficiency Check to stay current and valid to fly - why not do it in sunny Mallorca?

If you want to come out to Mallorca to revalidate/renew your licence please let us know and we can make the necessary arrangements and go through the requirements.

- Available for EASA Licences

- Each student individually assessed, all we need to know:

- Type Rating Date of Expiry

- Hours on Type in previous 12 months

- Total hours in previous 12 months

- The State of Licence Issue

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Balearic Helicopters is able to revalidate EASA licences, however for licences other than AESA Spain please contact us in advance as some EASA states have different requirements regarding paperwork, notification periods and application forms.

We offer Proficiency Checks in the R44 and R66


(a) Revalidation. For revalidation of type ratings for helicopters, the applicant shall:

(1) pass a proficiency check in accordance with Appendix 9 to this Part in the relevant type of helicopter or an FSTD representing that type within the 3 months immediately preceding the expiry date of the rating; and

(2) complete at least 2 hours as a pilot of the relevant helicopter type within the validity period of the rating. The duration of the proficiency check may be counted towards the 2 hours.

Renewal (Expired Rating)

Renewal For the renewal of a class or type rating the applicant shall comply with all of the following:

(1) complete a proficiency check in accordance with Appendix 9 to this Annex;

(2) prior to the proficiency check referred to in point (1), complete a refresher training at an ATO if deemed necessary by the ATO to reach the level of proficiency to safely operate the relevant class or type of aircraft, except if it holds a valid rating for the same class or type of aircraft on a pilot licence issued by a third country in accordance with Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention and if it is entitled to exercise the privileges of that rating. The applicant may take the training:

(i) at a DTO or at an ATO, if the expired rating concerned a non-high-performance single-engine piston class rating, a TMG class rating or a single-engine type rating for helicopters referred to in point DTO.GEN.110(a)(2)(c) of Annex VIII;

(ii) at a DTO, at an ATO or with an instructor, if the rating expired no more than three years before and the rating concerned a non-high-performance single-engine piston class rating or a TMG class rating.

All of the above training and testing can be signed off in your licence by the examiner.

If your rating is on the back of your licence the Examiner cannot sign off your rating and you need to submit the rating to the Aviation Authority, who will issue you with a new Type Rating.

However, the examiner may be able to issue with a Temporary Rating Certificate

Course Time Frame:

  • The minimum time to complete the PC is 2 hours, including 1 hour Profciency Check flight, with Balearic Helicopters in Mallorca.
  • What to bring:

    You will need to bring (Originals)

  • Passport
  • Licence
  • Medical
  • Logbook
  • If you have any questions or need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us

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