PPL Advanced Training

A perfect excuse to escape to Mallorca for a long weekend

- Expand your envelope and learning

- Advanced Autorotations & Emergency Procedures

- Confined Areas.....

- Limited Power.....

- There is always something you can improve......

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We, at Balearic Helicopters, have found that many PPL's would like to further their knowledge, or just simply gain more experience in certain areas of helicopter flying that they are not entirely familiar with. We are a Team Member of EHEST, the European Helicopter Safety Team, and EHEST have devised a set of Safety Leaflets based on the most common form of helicopter accidents. We have taken the Safety Leaflets one step further and designed specific courses using the EHEST Safety Leaflets as the course guide.

For this reason Balearic Helicopters have devised several refresher courses for helicopter pilots. They involve a couple of hours flight training, but also focuses more on the ground training side. The course is run over a two day period, which is perfect to escape to Mallorca for a long weekend!

We can help arrange accommodation and special discounted car hire whilst you are here.

The courses available are:

Autorotation & Engine Off Landings

Always essential training in any helicopter. You will recap all the variations of speed, RRPM and turning in autorotation. It's also a good time to perfect that flare...and many pilots have never completed full touchdown autorotations!

Emergency Procedures

Most pilots know what actions to take in emergency, but many don't know why. Balearic Helicopters goes in depth into all the emergencies in the flight manual. For example - what keeps RPM in the green when flying without the Governor? It is not primarily the Throttle. Don't know the answer - then contact us!

Confined Areas

The pinnacle of your PPL training, but how often has it been used since the skills test. Can you remember the 5 S's or why they're important? We start with basic confined areas, and then they get progressively harder. It culminates with a true life confined area into a hotel.

Navigation & Airport Procedures

Too many people now rely solely on GPS for their primary navigation. We refresh the basic but vital skills of Track Crawl, Ded Reckoning and Ordinance Survey map reading. Do you have a Skymap IIIC or Garmin, do you know how it really works, or want to learn more than just "Direct To"? Have you always been worried about landing at a dual runway international airport? We can do it all in Mallorca.

Limited Power

What happens when an R44 over pitches? How do you recover? There are many cases of accidents and incidents where power was involved due to weight, aircraft performance and atmospheric conditions. Remeber the 4 H's - Heavy, Hot, High and Humid.... Learn how to recognise the symptoms and recover the situation.

Course Time Frame:

  • The minimum time to complete the course 3 days with Balearic Helicopters in Mallorca.
  • What to bring:

    You will need to bring (Originals)

  • Passport
  • Licence
  • Medical
  • Logbook
  • If you like the sound of any of these just let us know and we'll arrange a course for you.

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