Balearic Helicopters is pleased to announce that they have become the Spanish Dealer for Easy Wheels.

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Easy Wheels for Helicopters

Jonny Greenall, Chief Pilot, of Balearic Helicopters, has known the owner and inventor of Easy Wheel, Fred Williams, for many years.

In Mallorca, with our fleet of Robinson R44’s and the R66, has found the same difficulties Fred has encountered when manoeuvring the helicopters in the hangar and across the apron on a daily basis.

As Fred says on his website:

“I faced many problems with the helicopter ground handling wheels from a variety of producers. From flat tires, bent or broken axles, bent or broken handles, broken ball bearings. Also the clumsy construction results in difficulties transporting the wheels in the helicopter.”

Balearic Helicopters operates all types of Robinson aircraft including the standard skid gear and float version so use both the Raven and Clipper variants of the Easy Wheels. Since changing our ground handling wheels to Easy Wheels we solved all of the problems Fred mentioned.

The Heavy Duty Easy Wheels have been perfect for our busy operation, with no failures, and they perform exactly as promised. Light weight, durable, easily fit under the seat, and easy to use we have found Easy Wheels have made ground handling safer, quicker and much easier.

Balearic Helicopters cannot recommend them highly enough, and were extremely happy when we were asked to be the Spanish dealer for Easy Wheels. The units come with a 3 year warranty on the Heavy Duty Tyres and life-time warranty on the skids and wheel axles, although we doubt you will ever need to use it! .

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