R44 Type Rating

You can come here and complete the course in as little as three days!

Balearic Helicopters uses a CAA approved ATO (Flight Training Organisation) allowed to conduct Type Rating Conversions for the R22 and R44.

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To convert to the Robinson R44 is only a five hour structured course and skills test. There is also 10 hours Ground School and a R44 Technical Paper which must be passed (75% pass mark). Afterwards you will be eligible to fly any R44, carrying up to 3 passengers.

This is a natural progression for most Private Pilots Licence holders and essential for people wanting to become a commercial pilot. With our location, weather and machine availability means that you can come here and complete the course in as little as three days!

The Robinson R44's we operate are the Raven I and Clipper II's type (with hydraulics), one of the most modern fleets in Europe.

Hold a valid PPL (H) or higher
Hold a current EASA Class Two medical or higher

Flight Training Syllabus
Pre-flight, Start up & Shut down Takeoff
Landing & Hover Manoeuvres
Confined Area Operations
Limited Power Techniques
Autorotation & Practice Forced Landings
Vortex Ring
Governor Failure & Throttle Control
Emergency Procedures Skills Test

Ground Training Syllabus
Pilots Operating Handbook R44
Technical Test Paper

Course Costs:

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