Palma de Mallorca / Marratxi / Son Bonet weather update every 10 minutes:

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Palma de Mallorca / Marratxi / Son Bonet weekly weather history:

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It would be easy for us, in Sloane Mallorca, to write a long page on Mallorca’s climate, instead we thought it far easier to show a couple of simple graphs, which speak for themselves. The graphs are comparisons of the Annual Climate of Mallorca, the UK and Germany.

Sunshine Hours

Sunshine Hours

This shows that Mallorca benefits from far more Sunshine Hours throughout the year than the UK and Germany.

Rainfall (mm)

Rainfall / Precipitation (mm)

This shows that Mallorca has, by far, the least amount of Rainfall of the three countries

Mean Temperature

Daily Mean (°C)

This graph shows that the Daily Mean temperature in Mallorca is far higher than the UK and Germany throughout the year.

Notes: Data is current as of December 2011 Data taken from the official Met Offices of Spain, the UK and Germany Locations Used: Mallorca: Palma UK: London Germany: Berlin
weatherstation supplied by: WebCam.NL

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