Winter Special

Become a pilot this winter.

Balearic Helicopters believes that everyone who is looking out the window at the cold wind, rain, snow and generally miserable weather (not to mention that it is dark by mid-afternoon) should be entitled to a healthy Vitamin D boost. With this in mind we have decided to give you a great offer this winter!

    Special Offer

  • EASA PPL(H): €31,063.50 + IVA
    €34,370.05 Save 10%
  • Includes

  • 45 hours R44 PPL Flight Training
  • PPL Ground School
  • EASA Ground Exams
  • Radiotelephony License
  • R44 PPL Flight Test
  • Examiner Test Fee

Our Famous Winter PPL(H)

Become a licensed pilot in as little as 5 weeks.

Balearic Helicopters provides helicopter pilot training of the highest possible standard with a world-wide reputation as one of the premier helicopter training companies in Europe.

Our famous Winter PPL(H) programme lets you beat the winter gloom and train to become a pilot.
Offer Valid until 28th February 2018

Remember: Mallorca has plenty of long hours of sunshine in the winter!

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