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You've got a licence so what now?

Been just flying the odd circuit now and then?

Want to expand your horizons but not sure where to start?

Want to use a helicopter for what it has been designed for?

........Below are some of the adventures Jonny has been on....tempted??? Contact us and we can organise a trip specifically for you.

Mallorca from the air Mallorca from the air Mallorca from the air Mallorca from the air Mallorca from the air

Ever wanted to go on a real adventure? How about a Wine tour of Chateau's and Vineyard of France or Spain (or both)? Ever wanted to go to Morocco, but didn't know how? Over the past 16 years we've been on trips throughout Europe, from Mallorca to Norway and back, the Canary Islands and Morocco, as well as Turkey, Greece and Italy and we've even circumnavigated Spain and Portugal coastline - twice!!. With our wealth of experience we can put together one of the trips below, or tailor one specifically for your needs. The trips range from just a couple of days (perfect for a long weekend away) to 2 weeks depending on how adventurous you feel!

SKY DIVING - 2 Days, 4 Hours Flying

THE WESTERN MED TOUR - 10 Days, 30 Hours Flying

The RIB Tour – Round the Iberian Peninsular - 6 Days, 22 Hours Flying

THE MOROCCO TOUR - 10 Days, 25 Hours Flying

SPANISH WINE TOUR - 6 Days, 12 Hours Flying

FRENCH WINE TOUR - 6 Days, 12 Hours Flying

SKIING IN ANDORRA - 3 Days, 4 Hours Flying

COMING SOON: THE DICEMANN TOUR - 5 Days, 15 Hours Flying but who knows where....??

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