Why Us?

Balearic Helicopters is THE go to destination to learn to fly a helicopter, or to hone existing skills or even to convert to a larger or more advanced helicopter

Anyone can be taught how to fly a helicopter, but Balearic Helicopters will teach you how to become a pilot.

We are located on the beautiful island of Mallorca that forms a part of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean about 100 miles (180 km) South of Barcelona and only 2 hrs flight from Gatwick, Let us explain the principal advantages that Balearic Helicopters has over its more Northern counterparts.

- Highest quality of training

- Highest quality aircraft, maintained to the highest standards

- Exceptional Weather all year round

- Spectacular scenery

- Complete the PPL (H) course in only 5 weeks

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Mallorca enjoys a moderate Mediterranean weather system with significantly less rain, more sun and warmer temperatures. This significantly extends the flying season so that even in January and February, there very few days when it is not possible to fly. This adds up to much more certainty of completing a course within a given time frame.


This is simply spectacular. With the Tramuntana mountains to the North West and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea with golden beaches and sheer cliff faces. There can be few more special places on earth in which to fly.

Air Space

The skies available to private flying are virtually deserted and devoid of air traffic control. The only restriction is the over-flying of the City of Palma, leaving limitless open spaces to concentrate on learning to fly or taking in the scenery.

The Airfield

Balearic Helicopters are based at Son Bonet Aerodrome just a few kilometers to the north of Palma Airport. It’s less than 15 minutes in a taxi, so could not be more convenient. Son Bonet was the original Mallorca airport before Palma International was built in 1965. Son Bonet has a newly resurfaced 1000 m runway and acres of grass areas for the practice of ground handling skills and hovering. Despite its proximity to Palma airport, Son Bonet is completely unaffected.

Son Bonet is very quiet, with no commercial traffic, but for added interest, the local fire fighting aeroplanes and helicopters based there plus a couple of flying schools.

Our Base

Our offices and ground school are housed in one of the aerodrome buildings about a 3 minute walk from our hangar and the helipads. There is ample parking outside the school.

We have a dedicated classroom with white board, and of course, air conditioning! We have a fridge to keep sandwiches fresh, chilled water machine and coffee maker, all for free.

Our Staff

Most important is Mandy who keeps the office running, books lessons and will chat to you all day if you let her!

Then there is Luke who joined us in October 2018 fresh from achieving his Instructor Rating. Luke is a superb pilot and teacher who can take you through your course from beginning to end. We believe in young pilots who bring with them a freshness to our school.

Last but not least is, Jonny Greenall. Helicopter legend, Chief Flying Instructor and the owner of Balearic Helicopters. Jonny is 44 years old and has experience beyond his years. Whether it’s landing on a superyacht, flying in the mountains or just simple brushing up on everyday skills, Jonny tackles it with skill, enthusiasm and a vast sense of humor.

Ground School

At Balearic Helicopters, we believe that Ground School can be as important as the flying. We will spend whatever time in the class room as is necessary for each individual. Students must be prepared to spend time studying and taking exams, but at Balearic Helicopters, this is not arduous, tedious or difficult. Tuition is one on one and surprisingly can be almost as interesting as the flying!

The Helicopters

There are no ‘rust buckets’ at Balearic Helicopters. All are maintained in first class condition, either at Heliswiss Iberica in Barcelona, or HQ Aviation in the UK. Both are top class maintenance facilities.

We have two Robinson R44 Raven Is. These are probably the best training helicopters, offering excellent performance at an economic price.

For experienced pilots, we have a brand new Turbine R66 with air conditioning, extended fuel tank and full ‘glass cockpit’ instrumentation. This is the ideal platform for an upgrade from piston engine to turbine flying. A fabulous machine!

The Cost

Let’s be frank. Flying a helicopter is not cheap. At Balearic Helicopters we do not offer ‘cheap’. We offer extraordinary value. We have no ‘hidden’ costs:

  • Landing fees in Son Bonet
  • Circuit fees
  • Ground school tuition
  • Fuel surcharges do not exist.

Your per hour rate or package factors these ‘hidden’ costs in. So NO NASTY SURPRISES.

Pick up the phone +34 971 794 132 and speak to Jonny, or drop an email info@balearic-helicopters.com.


Balearic Helicopters operates under its own EASA ATO, issued by AESA Spain. ESP.ATO.320

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