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Prepare to become addicted

It is a unique and fantastic experience but explanations come nowhere close to the experience itself - it is simply something you just have to try.

The Robinson R22 30 minute Trial Lesson costs only €199.00

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R22 30 minute Trial Lesson is €199.00

R22 60 minute Trial Lesson is €398.00

R22 2 hour "Heli-Day" Training is €796.00

While you read these few words, you will be wondering what it is like to fly a light helicopter, imagining yourself at the controls. It is a unique and fantastic experience but explanations come nowhere close to the experience itself - it is simply something you just have to try.

A word of caution - prepare to become addicted.

When you arrive at the main gates of Son Bonet Aerodrome, Balearic Helicopters is easy to find, should you need directions security will be more than happy to assist you. You will be welcomed and introduced to your instructor in whose expert hands you will be for the next hour or so.

You will see for yourself the size of the aircraft and how civilised it is. Most people have preconceived ideas of what to expect, so you may be surprised to see comfortable seats, carpets and a heater. Comfort in fact, not unlike your car. Your instructor will describe to you how the aircraft flies, how the drive system works and he will explain the function of the flying controls. When you are ready, he will escort you to your helicopter, see you are sitting relaxed, show you how to hold the controls comfortably and explain the interior layout of instruments and switches.

It may be that you are apprehensive and not sure that you want to fly the machine. No matter, your instructor will be quite happy to fly you around and show you the sights, so you can simply enjoy the unique experience of flying in a light helicopter.

Gift Voucher

If the Trial Lesson is a gift for someone please let us know and we can send you a special PDF Gift Certificate & Information Pack to print out and give to them.

The Gift Certificate will be valid for 6 months. All you need to give us is the name of the person and requested date.

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How it works

The instructor will start the engine and you now have half an hour of excitement in front of you. It takes a few minutes for the rotor to start and the engine to warm up. You will then lift off and for the first few minutes the instructor will fly so you can get used to the sensation of flying in a helicopter. When you are ready you will be invited to hold the controls and then take over.

There is a degree of co-ordination required in flying, so we normally invite you to try one control at a time, initially, and then progress from there. During the flight you will start to get to feel the controls but your instructor will also show you what it is like to land in a confined space.

He will also show you an auto rotation but you will not be aware that the machine is gliding until he points out that the engine is idle. Towards the end of the flight, you will be trying the controls in the hover when you will see the co-ordination required.

As you walk back to the Flying School to receive a Souvenir Map and Gift to commemorate your special day, you will have a smile on your face.

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