PPL(H) Course Completion

Finish what you started

Fed up with not being able to fly due to lack of aircraft and / or instructors? Finding training difficulties due to poor weather? We at Balearic Helicopters may be able to help you.

- Each student individually assessed

- Complete the Flight Training & Examination required

- Complete the Theoretical Knowledge & Exams required

- Complete course in Mallorca

- Let us know how far along the course you are....

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There is no reason why you, the customer, cannot change training schools. Here in Mallorca we are fully equipped to complete the entire EASA PPL (H), at whatever stage you are.

Balearic Helicopters can offer you all the EASA Ground Exams, CAA Radiotelephony Licence, Flight Training and EASA Flight Testing.

All you will need to bring with you:

We can sort the rest out for you, make an evaluation and recommendation on the training to complete the course.

All Balearic Helicopters training is on a one-to-one basis with your instructor. With our fleet of 1 R22 and 4 R44's, along with 3 full time instructors you'll never have difficulties with aircraft or pilot availability.

Balearic Helicopters recognises that every course and every student is different, so we tailor the training to suit you.

If you contact us directly (tel: +34 971 79 41 32, or email info@balearic-helicopters.com) with your requirements we will come up with a training plan for you.

Balearic Helicopters

Balearic Helicopters operates under its own EASA DTO, issued by AESA Spain. ESP.DTO.005

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