If you ever intend to visit France and land off airport – which is what a helicopter is designed to do!

If you ever intend to visit France and land off airport – which is what a helicopter is designed to do! Such as landing at one of the hundreds of excellent Chateau’s and Vineyards around France then you are required to have a French Helisurfaces Permit. The permit is issued by the DGAC in France, and the application process can take several weeks.

- 5 Hours Flight Training

- 8 Hours Ground Training

- Essential if you want to land off airport in France

- Complete course in Mallorca

- Complete course in only 3 days

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If you have more than 300 hours total time in helicopters then you can simply apply and send in the forms.

However, if you have more than 70 hours, but less than 300 hours you must complete a course in confined area training with an instructor.

The DGAC recommend that the course is a minimum of 8 hours ground school and 5 hours flight training.

Balearic Helicopters can offer this specialist course for helicopter pilots. The entire ground school and flight training can be completed in only 3 days, whilst enjoying the amazing scenery and sunshine of Mallorca. The confined area training will include real life off airport scenarios to challenge even the most proficient helicopter pilots.

Once the course have been completed Balearic Helicopters will issue you with a DGAC Helisurfaces Training Certificate and complete the application forms to and send to the DGAC.

Helisurfaces Training Course:

The course subjects include:

1. Theoretical training on the following points (minimum recommended duration 8 hours)

2. Practical flight training on the following manoeuvres and procedures (minimum duration 5 hours)

Course Pre-Entry Requirements:

Course Materials (Included):

Course Time Frame:

The minimum time to complete the course 3 days with Balearic Helicopters in Mallorca.

What to bring:

You will need to bring (Originals)

Course Price

R44:        € 3,965.00

Price includes:

Balearic Helicopters

Balearic Helicopters operates under its own EASA ATO, issued by AESA Spain. ESP.ATO.320

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