Becoming a Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor Course

Becoming a helicopter flight instructor is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, courses that you can do in your flying career.

Whether you want to complete the Flight Instructor course to improve both your helicopter knowledge and flying skills or because you intend to teach as part of your flying career the course will give you the necessary skills to become a better pilot and pass on your knowledge to others.

Many pilots wanting to make a career out of flying helicopters become flight instructors to improve their abilities but also make themselves a more marketable commodity to the helicopter industry.

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Course Eligibility


  • Minimum Age, 18 years old
  • Hold a current and valid Pilots Licence
  • Minimum Flight Times: 220 hours Total Time, of which
    10 hours Instrument Time
    20 hours VFR Cross Country Time
    100 Hours Pilot in Command if holding a CPL (H)
    200 Hours Pilot in Command if holding a PPL (H)
  • PPL (H) Only – completed the CPL Theoretical Knowledge
  • EASA Medical Certificate
  • Hold R44 Type Rating
  • Speak, read & write English to a high level of understanding *
  • Pass a Pre-Entry Flight Test

* - students will be contacted before commencing the course to ensure that their level of English understanding is sufficient enough to enrol on our FI course.

Flight Instructor Course


The course elements are:

  • 25 Hours Theoretical Knowledge: Teach & Learning
  • 100 Hours Theoretical Knowledge: Instruction
  • 30 Hours Flight Training: Flight Instruction

Flight Training is conducted in the Robinson R44 helicopter.

Course Duration

All parts of the Theoretical Knowledge and Flight Training can be completed in as little as 6 weeks. The Flight Instructor Course is run 5 days a week, with 2 days off to rest and relax in Mallorca.

Please note – prior to starting the course you are required to pass a FIC Pre-Entry Test Flight, this can be done before starting the course upon arrival in Mallorca, however if you fail the pass the test you cannot start the FI Course until the remedial flying has been completed upon the recommendation of the FIC. Students can also opt to undertake this Pre-Entry Test Course in the UK prior to arrival in Mallorca for the FIC Course.

Flight Instructor (FIC) – Duncan Bickley

At Balearic Helicopters we are fortunate that our instructor training is carried out by one of the leading FIC Instructors in the UK Capt. Duncan Bickley who is an FIE and an expert in this field. In 2006 Duncan became qualified to provide Flying Instructor Courses and now has a well-established reputation for presenting high quality professional candidates for examination. Duncan has over 7500 hours on helicopters, of which over 5500 is instruction. He is also a Flying Instructor Examiner (FIE) and Ground Examiner.

About Balearic Helicopters

Balearic Helicopters operates in Aerodromo Son Bonet, just outside Palma city. We operate a fleet of R44’s permanently based in Mallorca and are open 7 days a week throughout the year. With the famous Mediterranean weather, with long days of sunshine, both helicopter availability and weather factors are rarely a problem. For more information about Balearic Helicopters and flying in Mallorca please click Why Us.

Course Price

The Total Price for the Flight Instructor Course is: € 21,999.00 *

This price is based on 2 FI candidates on the course, if you wish to complete the FIC course for only 1 student please contact us for the price.

This includes:

  • 1 Hour R44 Pre-Entry Test
  • 125 Hours Theoretical Knowledge
  • 30 Hours Flight Training on the R44
  • FI Course Materials
  • Flight Time is from Rotor Start to Rotor Stop
  • Landing Fees Aerodromo Son Bonet
  • Circuit Fees, Fuel Surcharges, “miscellaneous I forgot to mention charges….”
  • IVA at 21%

Not Included:

  • Aviation Authority Assessment of Competence
  • Aviation Authority Application Fees
  • * Any additional training that is required for the Flight Instructor Course will be invoiced on top of the standard course fee at the following rates:
    - Theoretical Instruction: €500.00 per day
    - R44 Flight Training: €550.00 per hour


To book your FIC training, or for more information please call +34 971 794 132 or email us

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