EASA PPL(H) Ground School

Part of your journey of becoming a Pilot is not just the flying, but the theoretical knowledge to understand all aspects of aviation.

Balearic Helicopters has formed a special partnership with Orbit Ground school in the Netherlands

You can now complete all the ground school BEFORE you arrive in Mallorca, which gives you the ability to purely focus on the flight training for the PPL (H).

You enrol on their EASA PPL course and they will send you special software to download onto your computer and iPad and begin the theoretical studying. There are also online Zoom sessions for each theoretical knowledge subject.

You will also receive the helicopter theoretical knowledge notes from Balearic Helicopters and Zoom sessions of the helicopter specific section of the PPL(H) Theoretical Knowledge.

Once you have completed the comprehensive Theoretical Knowledge training Balearic Helicopters will issue you with a Certificate of Completion and then you can take the EASA PPL(H) Theoretical Examinations.

How it works

The Theoretical Knowledge training is for the following topics:

1. Air Law

2. Aircraft Principles of Flight

3. Flight Performance

4. Navigation

5. Meteorology

6. Human Performance

7. Communications

8. Aircraft General Knowledge

9. Operational Procedures

All the exams are taken in 1 day, each is a simple 30-minute exam, and results are issued immediately.

The exams are taken at Orbit Ground School dedicated facility in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Then you can travel out to Mallorca ready to start your flight training.

You can start your flight training prior to the ground examinations; however, you will be required to pass the ground exams before any solo flights.

The EASA PPL Theoretical Knowledge Distance Learning Course €895.00

The EASA PPL (H) Theoretical Knowledge Exams EACH cost €55.00

Balearic Helicopters

Balearic Helicopters operates under its own EASA ATO, issued by AESA Spain. ESP.ATO.320

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