Heli Dining

Heli-dining is one of Balearic Helicopters most popular luxury experiences

Balearic Helicopters has teamed up with several of the island's most exclusive Hotels and Restaurants to offer a fantastic island helicopter tour and 5 star lunch.

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Winter flights can be truly magical

Son Brull, near Pollença

Reserva Rotana, near Manacor

During a sightseeing flight, the helicopter will land and shut down at one of these restaurants where a table will have been reserved for you. Whilst you enjoy an excellent dining experience, the helicopter and pilot will wait for you. Lunch normally takes up to two hours.

Once you’ve finished your meal and are ready to leave, the helicopter tour will continue on to your destination.

We offer the 30 minute and the 1 hour Heli-Dining experience, each helicopter can carry up to 3 passengers plus pilot.

45 minute Sightseeing Tour & Heli-Dining € 699.00
60 minute Sightseeing Tour & Heli-Dining € 949.00

Price includes flight time, from rotor start to rotor stop, helicopter down time at restuarant, airport fees and IVA
Price does not include meals and drinks at the restaurant

Example Restaurants

For the 45 minute flight (Heli-Dining) experience, a few of the hotels we recommend are

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