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Let Balearic Helicopters form part of your corporate event or incentive

Balearic Helicopters has a long history of offering helicopter flying as part of large corporate events held in the Balearics. Regardless of numbers Balearic Helicopters can put together a specialist tailor-made package to add something special to your event. We operate a fleet of Robinson R44 helicopters, which seat up to 3 passengers per helicopter and we can often fly several helicopters together in formation.

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Son Bonet Sightseeing Tours

These start and end at our home base, Aerodromo Son Bonet, just outside Palma city and can run from just 10 minutes to over 2 hours per trip.

External Sightseeing Tours

These can be flown from one of many of our exclusive locations such as restaurants, golf clubs & vineyards in Mallorca, giving passengers the chance to enjoy a special atmosphere and helicopter flight.

Heli Art

One of the finest Art Galleries in Mallorca has joined together with Balearic Helicopters to give large groups the chance for an exclusive private viewing of one of the best art collections in Spain.


Adrenalin filled day with Go-Kart Championship combined with helicopters flights. A competition can be set up for the fastest driver and culminate in a “Race of Champions”


With the Mallorca Driving Club we can offer a specialist day of Classic Car driving and helicopter flying. The first group drives a selection of classic cars around Mallorca, whilst the second group fly in a formation of helicopters along the route. Cars and helicopters meet together for lunch, and afterwards the groups swap and continue the drive and flying.

Past Clients

Team Building Exercises

Balearic Helicopters has worked with several clients and specialist companies offering Team Building Exercises for large corporations. Balearic Helicopters can supply fully trained instructors for the Team Building Exercises or you can bring your own instructors if you wish.

Just some of the Team Building Exercises include:

Treasure Hunt
The groups have to find locations and clues around Mallorca, including landing at several locations (where lunch can be provided) to win the challenge. Several helicopters will work independently so it becomes a timed race.

Navigation Exercise & Planning
A quick pilots briefing on how to navigate the helicopter is given, then you need to plot the route in order and give to your pilot to fly, once in flight you identify objects from the air, but make sure that the plan has been correctly implemented before the time & fuel runs out.

Hover Challenge
A briefing on the controls and how helicopter hovers starts the day, the instructor will then takeoff and demonstrate the hover. Then the “student” will take full control and attempt to hover, with the others looking on, the student managing to hover for the longest time wins. A fun and challenging day!



Balearic Helicopters has always specialised in personal tailored flying to suit you, we only allow your booking onboard the helicopter with no additional “unknown passengers” for you to worry about. We also have strict COVID19 protocols including full disinfecting before and after every flight, sterilised microphone covers, and disposable headset covers for each and every passenger. Gloves and masks are worn for each flight, and passenger’s temperature is taken before the flight.

Unfortunately, we cannot fly any passenger showing COVID19 symptoms, or if they have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID19 within the previous 14 days. If this is the case, we will happily reschedule for a date that suits you.

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