Heli Dining

Heli-dining is one of Balearic Helicopters most popular luxury experiences

Balearic Helicopters has teamed up with several of the island's most exclusive Hotels and Restaurants to offer a fantastic island helicopter tour and 5 star lunch.

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Winter flights can be truly magical

Son Brull, near Pollença

Reserva Rotana, near Manacor



During a sightseeing flight, the helicopter will land and shut down at one of these restaurants where a table will have been reserved for you. Whilst you enjoy an excellent dining experience, the helicopter and pilot will wait for you. Lunch normally takes up to two hours.

Once you’ve finished your meal and are ready to leave, the helicopter tour will continue on to your destination.

We offer a 1 hour Heli-Dining experience, each helicopter can carry up to 4 passengers plus pilot.

EC120 60 minute Sightseeing Tour & Heli-Dining € 1,499.00

Price includes flight time, from rotor start to rotor stop, helicopter down time at restuarant, airport fees and IVA
Price does not include meals and drinks at the restaurant

Example Restaurants

For the 1 hour flight (Heli-Dining) experience we can offer, in addition to the above locations

What to bring
All you'll need to bring is your ID or Passport(s) for Airport Security

How to book
If you confirm a time and date, by either telephone or email, we’ll send you a Confirmation Booking email and Map of directions. To secure your booking a Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) is required – no money is taken from this card, it is only to guarantee the booking.

Payment Terms
Payment can be with Cash, Visa or MasterCard on the day of flight. Payment can also be made by Bank Transfer, but this must be before the day of the flight.

Gift Voucher

If the Heli-Dining is a gift for someone please let us know and we can send you a special PDF Gift Certificate & Information Pack to print out and give to them.

The Gift Certificate will be valid for 6 months. All you need to give us is the name of the person and requested date.

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S.P. Helicopter Services GmbH

All EC120 helicopter charter is operated by S.P. Helicopter Service GmbH, under German LBA Air Operators Certificate AOC D-315



Balearic Helicopters has always specialised in personal tailored flying to suit you, we only allow your booking onboard the helicopter with no additional “unknown passengers” for you to worry about. We also have strict COVID19 protocols including full disinfecting before and after every flight, sterilised microphone covers, and disposable headset covers for each and every passenger. Gloves and masks are worn for each flight, and passenger’s temperature is taken before the flight.

Unfortunately, we cannot fly any passenger showing COVID19 symptoms, or if they have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID19 within the previous 14 days. If this is the case, we will happily reschedule for a date that suits you.

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